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Why This Long Acronym – NGWSD – is So Important

In sports, our lives are littered with acronyms. What is an acronym, you ask?? Like I would explain to a 10-year old, it's when you use a bunch of letters together as initials, instead of using a long string of words. For instance, how often do you see Women's National Basketball Association written in a document? You don't. Instead, you see WNBA. Other examples in the sports world are NFL, MLB and NBA. Clo ...

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A Super February for the Fever

Indianapolis has had a TON of great things going on in the past two weeks and I haven't blogged through any of it! Alas, I return to blogging this afternoon. There is certainly no way that I can write about all of the events and activities surrounding Super Bowl week in Indy, so I'll touch on just a few random samplings that involve the Fever. Readers certainly read about Briann January and her visit to the ...

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