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Fever Celebrate 2012 WNBA Championship with Ring Ceremony

By: Madison Warfel

They’d made it to the playoffs the last seven seasons.  Four times they’d gone to the Eastern Conference Finals, once to the WNBA Finals. But, each time the Indiana Fever were thwarted, each time they were denied a chance to celebrate a championship.

That was before the 2012 season. The 2012 season was different. Yes, they made it to the Conference Finals, like they had four times before. And yes, they made it to the WNBA Finals, like they had once before. But this time the story didn’t end there.  They didn’t experience the similar frustration and disappointment that had come sweeping over them time and time again when they realized another season had ended in defeat. This time the Indiana Fever were overtaken by a euphoric, jubilant feeling of success. The Indiana Fever were 2012 WNBA Champions.

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Tonight, at long last, the Fever were finally able to celebrate a championship, the first in franchise history. A pregame ceremony was held at Bankers Life Fieldhouse inviting fans to join the Fever in commemorating the 2012 championship. A championship banner was raised to the rafters and coaches and players were given their championship rings. Even fans who attended the pre-game ceremony were given their own replica version of the Fever championship ring.

“Tonight was a great night for all of us, not just for the team and the organization, but for the fans too,” said Tamika Catchings.

“It was a wonderful night, it was all I could do from tearing up,” said Coach Lin Dunn. “I thought it was a wonderful ceremony. Thanks to the crowd, they were a super crowd.”

The atmosphere in the Fieldhouse during the ceremony was electric. Every Fever player and coach was given a loud, rousing ovation when introduced. Katie Douglas and Catchings ignited such loud approval that the sound of the announcer calling their names was nearly completely drowned out.

“It’s what we’ve been striving for, for so many years, 13 years in the league for me,” said Douglas. “And to go to the Finals four times and finally get that ring, it’s just really exciting and something I’m going to treasure. I’m just so proud to be part of that championship team.”

Shavonte Zellous and Catchings addressed the crowd during the ceremony, thanking them for their support for the 2012 season and urging them to continue with that same support in the 2013 season. Zellous reminded the crowd that this is a new season, and they should not be satisfied with last year’s championship. The goal now is to win back to back championships.

At the end of her address to the crowd, Zellous unleashed a powerful command to the fans, urging them to “Make some noise!” The entire crowd at Bankers Life Fieldhouse rose to their feet in ovation, cheering louder and louder until the referee tossed the ball into the air, signaling the beginning of the 2013 home opener for the reigning champions of the WNBA.


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